Introduction to Mozilla Manual Available

Monday December 15th, 2003

Kevin Quiggle writes: "A guide to Mozilla 1.5 — Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users — is now complete and is available for download as an illustrated PDF file (source documents used to create the manual are also available). This publication is intended to introduce new users of Mozilla to key features and functions. It is suitable for corporate users, schools, or home users. If there is sufficient interest, an updated edition may be created for Mozilla 1.6."

#13 Re: Re: Re: Why Mozilla?

by jgraham

Tuesday December 16th, 2003 5:05 AM

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I'm not at all sure that Jason's right. On the other hand, as far as I can tell, no one is clear on the future of the suite. I do know that, once FB and TB reach 1.0, they are to be marketed as the primary end-user products that produces. I'm not sure it's quite clear whether they will be packaged together as a suite of applications or just avaliable as seperate entities, like at present. I don't know (and nor, so far as I can tell, does anyone else) eaxctly what will happen to Seamonkey - certianly the version number will live on as the version number of the core code. It's entirely possible that dropping the suite will be 'forgotten' and it will continue to be avaliable as a front end.

To answer the original question of why not the *birds - the suite is avaliable and stable now. Most people distributing Mozilla are distributing the suite. If Mozilla is being installed in any organisations, it's probably the suite that's being installed. The suite is the only end user download from not labelled 'technology preview'. All these factors conspire to make the suite emphasis the most relevant now.