The Web Standards Project Skewers IE5

Friday March 19th, 1999

IE5 is "an opportunity lost", according to the Web Standards Project. The WSP, you may recall, recently claimed responsibility for moving towards an NGLayout based engine for Mozilla 5.

MozillaZine has been claiming for months that IE5 wouldn't be standards compliant (and we wish we had wagered money on it). It was obvious from articles regarding IE5, and from appearances at developer meetings by Microsoft executives that they were planning to ship IE5 whether they were compliant or not. They refused to commit when asked to, and fell back on the excuse of tight shipping schedules.

In other news, another developer's release of Mozilla is tentatively scheduled for the end of the month, so check back for updates.

Thanks to Derick Phillips for the WSP news.

#9 Re:The Web Standards Project Skewers IE5

by Mark Wilson <>

Saturday March 20th, 1999 1:27 AM

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MERELY ALLOWS BUSINESSES TO BUILD UPON COMPONENTS??? Hello, is anyone home? Do the words VBX, OCX and ActiveX mean anything to you?

Yes, I am a VB developer. And I can extend the IE browser. Very very easily. I like that. What can I do with all your C code? Nothing. Trick question: are there more VB developers or C developers? So, why are you targetting the minority???

If you have all these standards but there isn't a development environment out there which builds cool pages with these features you guys are all adding, then I guess I am going to be using someone else's authoring environment and unfortunately it will skew my web pages towards someone else's browser.

So, unless you get both sides of the pipeline covered, you will always be a porshe which is displaying poor quality or uncompliant pages, rather than Composers compliant and super-cool pages.

Forget native code for users. Less than 1% of the websurfers can even read C, maybe 10% work in Frontpage or Interdev and they at least have a chance of working successfully with a component.

Go fishing where the fish are! Mozilla is about to build a dominating browser. But until you provide a dominating editor... all your hard work will never be placed into the hands of the public and mass developer.