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Saturday December 13th, 2003

Andrew Mutch writes in with news that K-Meleon 0.8.1 is now available for download. Read the full article for more details and download links.

#30 About rendering speed

by martrootamm

Sunday December 21st, 2003 9:29 PM

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Well, there is really no difference to me with regards to rendering speed between Mozilla Firebird and K-Meleon, whichever API are they using. Because on new or modern computers /modern to me is already a 699MHz Celeron with 128M RAM, I use the Mozilla suite anyway and on these computers rendering speed usually depends on how fast your connection is.

As for older, pre Pentium-MMX computers, I am more concerned about startup speed and the overall speed of the computer when running either Mozilla Firebird or K-Meleon.

For example: Pentium-S 120MHz, 32M RAM.

It is fine with Netscape Communicator 4.08, but some pages with excessive or outright bad CSS are too slow, so I would often have to turn off CSS support. The computer would work very fine with Netscape 3.04, for example.

In that machine, Mozilla Firebird may take up to 40 seconds until I see it and then only when other applications are shut off (save AIM, msn messenger, AVG). If there are too many tabs, windows or frames open, the computer will considerably slow down.

With K-Meleon, its way different, because it has a loader (which also takes memory, so I sometimes exit the loader) and starts in about 10-15 seconds without the loader.

One of the biggest drawbacks in K-Meleon is still the fact that I can't reload frames.

Java Runtime Edition 1.3.1 is out of the question, I would need an MMX machine for that. As for Flash, I am utilising version 3r18. Flash 3 originally came with Netscape 4.08, so I only made an upgrade from what I think was version 3r8 /version 3 release 8.

If anyone wants to compare the rendering speed of browsers, then I suggest you could visit <> . It utilises heavy graphics and CSS and lots of bickering.