IE5 Released - Not HTML4, CSS1 or XML Compliant

Thursday March 18th, 1999

IE5 is out, and not only is it incompatible with CSS1, but it's DOM is faulty (and proprietary) and HTML4 support is incomplete. Also, it's XML Namespaces implementation is just plain wrong. It does poorly on the Import test, and renders the boxacidtest improperly (and badly).

On an interesting note, the article I linked to above was available this morning. Now, if you go to and find the same article (it has a new link), you'll find that all of the criticism regarding MS's standards compliance has been placed on a second page of the article. Look at the two links to see what I mean. Curious, no?

In response to criticism of their standards support, Microsoft's Mike Nichols said, "It's ironic that people are challenging our standards support when we have led by a substantial margin in this area since IE4". As I mentioned before, expect Microsoft to blame Netscape for Microsoft's lack of 100% standards compliance. The first person to point us to a new article that makes this claim (Microsoft already stated something similar months ago) will get a MozillaZine T-Shirt, when they come available. Our T-Shirts are still in the design phase, but we expect to have something soon.

Folks, stay calm. The Mozilla team is working hard to get a basic browser/mail-news reader into your hands that you can start using full-time. If you need standards compatibility, just go to our fetchBuilds section and download the latest build for your platform. You can see how the new browser, "apprunner", is shaping up, and try out your pages in the testbed viewer, undeniably the most standards compliant browser on the planet.

#56 Re:IE5 Released - Not HTML4, CSS1 or XML Compliant

by Ben G.

Monday March 22nd, 1999 6:16 AM

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The installation wizard for IE5 claims the minimal download is something like 6.9Mb (no mention on how big it is installed). There's no denying its popular, you could download IE5b2 any day of the week a month ago, but now all the download servers seem to be jammed except for late at night. I use IE as my default in Windows 95 because Visual Studio (well, I think it was VStudio) seems to have hobbled Netscape and made it load as fast as a crippled pig, and as more pages use complicated tables, I'm finding Netscape 4.5 a little slow. However since I use linux about 50% of the time now, I use 4.07 quite a bit. (The Linux version, in my experience is *much* faster than the windows version, at least in performing disk tasks like loading)

As for VB, I've tried it, and liked it as much as WYSIWYG web tools like Dreamweaver and M$' awful frontpage. Too limiting, too frustrating, and only really useful for a quick fix on Windows boxes. C/C++ are portable languages, which are also a lot more elegant, IMO.