NewsForge Interviews Chris Hofmann

Wednesday December 10th, 2003

koody wrote in to tell us that NewsForge has an interview with Mozilla Foundation employee Chris Hofmann. Chris discusses the establishment of the foundation and how the Mozilla project is prospering in a post-Netscape world. He also cites several examples of the extensibility of the Mozilla platform and talks about some of his favourite add-ons. In addition, Chris reveals some interesting information about the use of Mozilla technology on cellphones and handheld devices, including the revelation that a major cellphone vendor is funding development in this area.

#9 Re: Still separate?

by wgianopoulos

Thursday December 11th, 2003 6:04 AM

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You are reading too much into this. There is nothinbg in that statement that says the integrated suite wil not be using the Firebird and Thunderbird front ends at that point, (of course it does not say it will be either). No one has ever said the suite will cease to exist, just that the browser front end of the suite will eventually be the Firebird front-end and that the mail/news front end will eventually be the thunderbird front-end. There may (or may not) still be both suite and stand-alone applications being packeaged and distributed. There has also been talk about having the components of the suite each being seperate so you could install a suite that is only a browser which may (or may not) mean that a standalone broswer is not longer required to be supported maintained. This is all future stuff and when we get closer then a more reasonable discussion can occur on what makes sense.

If they can make the download size for he suite with broswer only be within 5% or so of the standalone size, and there is no speed degradation, then supporting 2 would be kind of dumb. On the other hand if the suite version is significantly larger and/or slower then there will probably always be both.