NewsForge Interviews Chris Hofmann

Wednesday December 10th, 2003

koody wrote in to tell us that NewsForge has an interview with Mozilla Foundation employee Chris Hofmann. Chris discusses the establishment of the foundation and how the Mozilla project is prospering in a post-Netscape world. He also cites several examples of the extensibility of the Mozilla platform and talks about some of his favourite add-ons. In addition, Chris reveals some interesting information about the use of Mozilla technology on cellphones and handheld devices, including the revelation that a major cellphone vendor is funding development in this area.

#7 Re: Re: Still separate?

by pplwong

Thursday December 11th, 2003 4:54 AM

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Seriously, if they will not replace the suite, we're seperating our force here. See, in open source projects, you cannot force others to write code for a certain product instead of another like how youc an do in a business. But people got to realise that we have limited resource and should not be wasted.

If we're really still providing a "Suite" that's build seperately from the apps, we should move the Suite's interface to the apps interface (i.e. use the new library) etc. Then we can probably lower the cost of GUI maintanence etc.

Or may be we can creat a "hard link + full" version of Mozilla Suite, and the "lite" version as those seperat apps? Anyways, I do not think we should waste our man power. Should minimise the duplicated works as much as possible.