Shareholders Approve Netscape/AOL Merger

Wednesday March 17th, 1999

Netscape's shareholders approved the merger with AOL 99.75% to .25%, according to this article at

#1 Re:Shareholders Approve Netscape/AOL Merger

by CantSay

Thursday March 18th, 1999 3:11 PM

AOL is the antithesis of the Internet.

All the morons on the 'net are from AOL.

AOL, culturally, spiritually, financially, is the exact opposite of the Internet.

They fucking suck and their users are spreading the cluelessness disease everywhere.

I'd rather choose MS than AOL, because I can't stand AOL's convenient posturing as the Internet company (god, words fail me...)

#2 Re:Shareholders Approve Netscape/AOL Merger

by arielb

Thursday March 18th, 1999 5:54 PM

hmm I thought all the morons came from slashdot. (does the word "first" spring to mind?)

#3 Re:Shareholders Approve Netscape/AOL Merger

by get lost

Thursday March 18th, 1999 10:32 PM

Go away, can't say. I won't even grace that with a real reply. Dweeb.

#4 Re:Shareholders Approve Netscape/AOL Merger

by Kovu

Friday March 19th, 1999 7:41 PM

AOL is, even with all of their faults, pioneering new territory in dealing with 16 million customers with AOL alone. It's their portal for Internet children--those who want everything automated and laid out like those telephones with big buttons. Netcenter is not like that, and never will be. I wish people would stop whining about the merger and realize that they're lucky Netscape isn't bankrupt and gone forever.