Mozilla 1.6 Beta Released

Tuesday December 9th, 2003

The Mozilla Foundation today released Mozilla 1.6 Beta. This latest milestone adds support for NTLM authentication on all platforms and improves the implementation on Windows. The automatic page translation feature has been restored (now powered by Google Language Tools) and a new version of ChatZilla, 0.9.48, is now included. In addition, several security and crash bugs have been fixed during the beta release cycle.

Builds can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page or directly from the mozilla1.6b directory on The Mozilla 1.6 Beta Release Notes have more detailed information about what's new and known issues to watch out for.

Update: Asa Dotzler writes: "The original Linux 1.6 Beta builds were built with the wrong compiler and are incompatible with some plugins and extensions. The builds have been replaced as of 01:00 UTC on December 11. To distinguish the builds, type about:buildconfig in the addressbar and look in the 'Build tools' section, next to the line starting with 'c++'. The old, incorrect build will say 'gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.1 2.96-81)'. The new, correct build will say 'gcc version 3.2.3' (just as it does on the previous line)."

#21 Re: More Ignorant questions

by mlefevre

Wednesday December 10th, 2003 8:36 AM

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I don't think "people" (nobody who knew much about it anyway) were ever saying 1.4 would be using Firebird. Mozilla folks were, however, originally saying that it would probably happen in 1.5, but they stopped saying that a while ago. When they stopped saying 1.5, some other people assumed it would be 1.6 instead, but I don't think anyone official actually said that.

It is still planned to happen, but the planned process seems to have changed - rather than making Firebird and Thunderbird the primary things while they're still beta-ish, it seems the plan is now to develop them to a "1.0" state as standalones, and then switch.

This is too broad to be tracked by a bug - there might be bugs for bits of the process when it's closer to happening. There isn't yet a timeline or a target version. Most of the "roadmap" document is more than 6 months old, except for the schedule that's tracking release dates a few weeks ahead (currently extending as far as 1.6 final which should be in the next few weeks).

The fact that the roadmap needs updating is well known and accepted. If you look back through MozillaZine copies of the minutes, you'll see that it was discussed at Mozilla meetings through September, and apparently was thought nearly finished in mid-October. The minutes from November 3rd then mention splitting it up so different sections can be updated piecemeal, and that Brendan was going to send out a draft. The November 10th minutes say only that the old roadmap needs an operational update, and then the most recent minutes say nothing about it.

I'm not sure what's taking so long - maybe there is internal disagreement about how things should move forward?