Mozilla 1.6 Beta Released

Tuesday December 9th, 2003

The Mozilla Foundation today released Mozilla 1.6 Beta. This latest milestone adds support for NTLM authentication on all platforms and improves the implementation on Windows. The automatic page translation feature has been restored (now powered by Google Language Tools) and a new version of ChatZilla, 0.9.48, is now included. In addition, several security and crash bugs have been fixed during the beta release cycle.

Builds can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page or directly from the mozilla1.6b directory on The Mozilla 1.6 Beta Release Notes have more detailed information about what's new and known issues to watch out for.

Update: Asa Dotzler writes: "The original Linux 1.6 Beta builds were built with the wrong compiler and are incompatible with some plugins and extensions. The builds have been replaced as of 01:00 UTC on December 11. To distinguish the builds, type about:buildconfig in the addressbar and look in the 'Build tools' section, next to the line starting with 'c++'. The old, incorrect build will say 'gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.1 2.96-81)'. The new, correct build will say 'gcc version 3.2.3' (just as it does on the previous line)."

#20 Re: Re: Re: 1.6 is the less innovative step

by jgraham

Wednesday December 10th, 2003 8:23 AM

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Actually, they probably won't. I mean, even on a site that takes 20s to load, that's like a 1s improvement, which is easilly smaller than the variance that you get from network traffic and so on. The truth is that rendering speed is more psycological than anything; witness the number of people who (used to) proclaim every new FB build faster than the one before, even though no code had changed that could possibly lead to the performance improvements they were claiming. Or the number of people who set the initial paint delay to 0, even though this increases the total load time (and presumably the number of reflows required).

Not that I object to a 5% increase in the speed, or anything, I just dispute that people will notice it without being told.