Minutes of the mozdev Admin Meeting of Friday 5th December 2003

Sunday December 7th, 2003

Brian King sent us a link to the minutes of the mozdev admin meeting of Friday 5th December 2003. Issues discussed include meeting logs and notes, meeting times, incorporation of mozdev as a non-profit organisation, donations, the use of 'Zilla' in project names, the site redesign, upgrading Bugzilla and email addresses on the site.

#6 Re: On what grounds does he complain?

by mlefevre

Monday December 8th, 2003 3:48 PM

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It doesn't matter if there's no danger of someone confusing the name in your opinion, my opinion, or in the objective. What matters is whether someone can pay for a court case which decides that the name isn't confusing.

Are you volunteering to pay the legal fees to defend possible legal action (in the USA)? If not, then you're not in much of a position to tell someone else that they should.

There was legal action threatened before, and AOL's expensive laywers (AOL being the owners of the Mozilla name at that point) made a deal with Toho's expensive lawyers. I don't know the details, but apparently the agreement was along the lines of Toho saying it was ok to keep using the Mozilla name, but not to do anythingelse-zilla. So, the Mozilla name is safe, and there weren't millions of dollars of legal costs.

If you think the legal system in the USA is flawed, you could probably find a lot of people who would agree, but...