Minutes of the mozdev Admin Meeting of Friday 5th December 2003

Sunday December 7th, 2003

Brian King sent us a link to the minutes of the mozdev admin meeting of Friday 5th December 2003. Issues discussed include meeting logs and notes, meeting times, incorporation of mozdev as a non-profit organisation, donations, the use of 'Zilla' in project names, the site redesign, upgrading Bugzilla and email addresses on the site.

#11 Who infringes whos rights?

by Hloupy_Honza

Wednesday December 10th, 2003 1:05 AM

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Toho may be uninterested in the existence of zilla, an edible desert plant of Egypt, nor calabazilla, an inedible, unpleasantly smelling wine of southwestern North America, but in Jack London's ``The White Man's Way'', as you can verify at <http://london.thefreelibr…d-Other-Stories/3-1#Zilla>, ``Zilla was his wife, and no more bitter-tongued, implacable old squaw dwelt on the Yukon.'' That old dragon character being definitely elder than Toho's godlike dragon Godzilla, isn't it Toho, who infringes Jack London's copyright?