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Wednesday March 17th, 1999

So, news about IE5 is beginning to trickle out, and it's beginning to look a lot like Mozilla. The equivalent of a "What's Related" button has been added as well as a "Web Accessories" feature that we got a glimpse of last year with Mozilla's configurable chrome. No indication of standards compliance (still). My latest bet is that IE5 won't even be HTML4 compliant, much less CSS1 compliant.

IE5 is supposed to be released tomorrow. I'd be interested in knowing the download sizes for the different installs. Feel free to submit info to us tomorrow, if you're brave enough to download it.

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by Bill Lefler <>

Thursday March 18th, 1999 10:38 AM

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I am just amazed by the attitudes on this webpage. As a developer, I take the stance of choosing the best tool for the job, no loyalties standing in the way. Unfortunately, when you are coding on the web you MUST support both browsers.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of time it takes me to get my pages displaying correctly in netscape. There are so many inconsistencies with the way tables, etc. are layed out.

You can get nit-picky with standard-compliance all you want... all I know as a developer is that when I code up a complicated page layout, Internet Explorer lays the page out the way I think it should be and Netscape is off on some planet of it's own.

The time that we are spending to complete this project has at least doubled because we have to make our pages work in Netscape as well as IE.

You guys better take off your blinders so you can see what's going on in the real world.

(BTW, I found this website because I was trying to get some info on when the new mozilla version was being released. I took a look at one of the nightly binaries the other day and was much impressed, the layout problems that I was talking about seem to have all been fixed. So, I'm hoping that the release is soon so that I don't have to worry about Netscape's compliancy problems.)