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Wednesday March 17th, 1999

So, news about IE5 is beginning to trickle out, and it's beginning to look a lot like Mozilla. The equivalent of a "What's Related" button has been added as well as a "Web Accessories" feature that we got a glimpse of last year with Mozilla's configurable chrome. No indication of standards compliance (still). My latest bet is that IE5 won't even be HTML4 compliant, much less CSS1 compliant.

IE5 is supposed to be released tomorrow. I'd be interested in knowing the download sizes for the different installs. Feel free to submit info to us tomorrow, if you're brave enough to download it.

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by Mark Wilson

Monday March 22nd, 1999 5:49 PM

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See my other post with the satistics from reseach online to show how most people NEVER change their browsers and use the one they have already got or which came with a bundle.

So, yes AOL does give NS a fighting chance when they bundle their software with NS. However, one should think on two things. Unless the court decides otherwise, the browser is coupled to Win95/98 and almost eveyone uses Windows to surf the net expect for 20% of the users who are Mac.

So, given that they don't change browsers and they use what is in front of them an they are all on Windows 95.98... well even a child with an IQ of 8 can see the trend here!

Besifes, my point isnt to win the browser ANYWAY. That's YOUR point. MY point is to win the developers, and judging by the webmasters on the net only 25% of them use NT, you can still protct your franchise there, but what will it take?

Yes, it will take wooing the developers away from superor development environments where there is more native integration. Thus I come back to my signal issue... woo the developers!!

(No, I am not saying Dreamweaver isn't superior!!)