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Wednesday March 17th, 1999

So, news about IE5 is beginning to trickle out, and it's beginning to look a lot like Mozilla. The equivalent of a "What's Related" button has been added as well as a "Web Accessories" feature that we got a glimpse of last year with Mozilla's configurable chrome. No indication of standards compliance (still). My latest bet is that IE5 won't even be HTML4 compliant, much less CSS1 compliant.

IE5 is supposed to be released tomorrow. I'd be interested in knowing the download sizes for the different installs. Feel free to submit info to us tomorrow, if you're brave enough to download it.

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by Kovu <>

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:19 AM

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no, Sun is going to co-develop with NS hello, this is an AOL-SUN-NS deal. Develop MS dogdung if you will, that's your problem. The sad fact is that NS has 45% of the market now, and will be up to 70% again when AOL drops IE. You will be developing for only IE5, and since more people have IE4, IE3, NS3, and NS4 combined than will ever HEAR about IE5, you will be developing for a pathetic amount of the browser population and, thus, no one except IE5 users will be able to see your site as it should be seen. Those with any marketing clue at all will agree. And of course, the new NS will support all real standards, including everything except MS dead-end proprietary BS. Gee, what would anyone with IQ over 8 do?