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Wednesday March 17th, 1999

So, news about IE5 is beginning to trickle out, and it's beginning to look a lot like Mozilla. The equivalent of a "What's Related" button has been added as well as a "Web Accessories" feature that we got a glimpse of last year with Mozilla's configurable chrome. No indication of standards compliance (still). My latest bet is that IE5 won't even be HTML4 compliant, much less CSS1 compliant.

IE5 is supposed to be released tomorrow. I'd be interested in knowing the download sizes for the different installs. Feel free to submit info to us tomorrow, if you're brave enough to download it.

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by Mark Wilson

Sunday March 21st, 1999 12:49 AM

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Ha ha ha, you all talk about cross-platform. That's amusing becoz I am also keeping an ear in the Javazilla crew. Look in their list of people involved, and you will see me there.

What I have also noticed is you lot slagging Java off. So, please! Don't try to leverage the write-once bandwagon when you have jumped off it!! Thats's just plain cheecky!!

When they deliver Javazilla, my issues will remain. Until the developer is won over, the browser that the developer's IDE targets is the browser most people will want.

Its easy to do the maths. I develop in Interdev, so Interdev offers me fantastic features whic IE can use. MS blasts the world with IE browsers. Suddenly I can use those extensions. In the background I can hear the whimpering of your developers as they see the developers dissappear, then the users and then finally the Gateways and others who KOVU so highly admires.

It all starts with the developers guys! You have the skills to develop AWESOME stuff for me as a developer, you can set my world alight. But until you do, I will continue to develope in MS IDE's.

Last exampe. You can put all you want into XML compliance. But at the end of the day, MS ships an XML IDE and guess what? Your compliance means diddly squat becoz you don't have an IDE which makes use of it, but they do and it make XML apps which are compliant to THEIR vision.

So, what are you giving developers so they will build to YOUR vision?