Mozilla Thunderbird Features Summary

Saturday December 6th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "What's so good about Mozilla Thunderbird anyway? I've written a document covering the most important reasons to use Thunderbird as your default mail and news client. As always, I appreciate feedback and I'm sure there are many features I've missed."

#25 mozilla and microsoft...

by mss

Monday December 8th, 2003 11:38 AM

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outlook (and outlook express) are "mature" products, which are thoroughly "researched" and "produced out of the box". mozilla is an opensource software, which upgrades itself "day by day" by gathering inputs (only) from enlightened individuals.

mozilla software now works better and better on windows platform: supports activex more completely, works better with NTLM authentication, thunderbird looks more like outlook express.

at the developers' end, windows builds are first available, sometimes builds for other platforms are with bugs, such as 1.5.1.

we will have to accept that microsoft has set a "way", though we do not want to call it a "standard".

who has forgotten trademark issues: phoenix and minotaur had trademark issues and had to borrow names from Ford, followed recently by zilla. it wouldnot be surprizing if "lizard" and "seamonkey" would suddenly become a trademark issue, and we are all back to square one. ...DEEP SIGH... MSS