Mozilla Thunderbird Features Summary

Saturday December 6th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "What's so good about Mozilla Thunderbird anyway? I've written a document covering the most important reasons to use Thunderbird as your default mail and news client. As always, I appreciate feedback and I'm sure there are many features I've missed."


by jgraham

Monday December 8th, 2003 8:10 AM

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My impression from the slashdot story was that people get very attached to particular features that exist in software they use, and dislike other software when it doesn't exactly match the feature set they are used to. It's surprising how prevalent this attitude is (for want of a better example, I've witnessed people involved with Mozilla complain when some buttons have swapped positions to better comply with iterface guidelines on various platforms. Yet still people wonder why people refuse to change their web browser, let alone their operating system.). I'd even venture that this is particularly true with email, since many people have very complex systems for categorising and storing email. Combine that with the fact that slashdot comments don't represent a good sample of opinions (people only comment if their strength of feeling is sufficient to make writing a comment worthwhile) and it's quickly apparent that the phenomonon you observe is inevitable regardless of the strength of the product being discussed.