Mozilla Thunderbird Features Summary

Saturday December 6th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "What's so good about Mozilla Thunderbird anyway? I've written a document covering the most important reasons to use Thunderbird as your default mail and news client. As always, I appreciate feedback and I'm sure there are many features I've missed."

#19 Re: What?

by mlefevre

Sunday December 7th, 2003 4:01 PM

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Which doesn't make this a good argument. "Use Thunderbird 0.4 now, because it's better than Outlook 98 was 4 years ago"? Why not "Use Outlook 2004, because Thunderbird 0.1 is crap".

Marketing your product by making silly claims which anyone with technical knowledge can shoot down in flames is an invitation for people with technical knowledge to shoot it down in flames. It might score points with the mass of less experienced users, but it's just scoring own goals in terms of MozillaZine (and Slashdot) readers, IMHO.