Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 Released

Friday December 5th, 2003

Following two release candidates, the 0.4 release of Mozilla Thunderbird is now available. Thunderbird 0.4 features an updated look to Thunderbird's default theme, including a variety of new icons; better OS integration, cut and paste of images on Windows, and a number of bug fixes and other new features.

Builds are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, while other platforms and configurations should be available in the near future. The Thunderbird Release Notes have more information, along with the Thunderbird project page on

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by hdort

Saturday December 6th, 2003 1:30 AM

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Actually, that's exactly what the alt attribute should be used for; here's the snippet from the W3C HTMl 4.01 specification: "alt %Text; #REQUIRED -- short description --", or in plain english: the alt attribute is a required (!) text attribute of the IMG tag which should provide a short description of the image.