Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 Release Candidate 1

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

The first release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 is now available. As well as builds for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, extensions for offline functionality and Palm address book synchronisation have also been released. Read Scott MacGregor's forum posting about 0.4 RC1 for more information. It is hoped that the final version of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 will be released simultaneously with Mozilla 1.6 Beta.

#17 Re: Treo 600 MozABSync Failure

by defaria <>

Tuesday February 10th, 2004 10:27 PM

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Thanks to that like I got at least something working, but it's not working right. While I do see the Mozilla AB sync pop up I see no synchronization going on. Changes to my Thunderbird addressbook are not reflected on my Palm (M130) nor are changes on my Palm updating my TBird addressbook. In fact in the Palm Desktop application I deleted all of the addresses there and synced but neither the Palm itself nor TBird's addressbook changed. Has anybody gotten this actually working?

Also, I have several Addressbooks in TBird. Which Addressbook syncs?