Comparing the Architectural Principles of Microsoft Longhorn and Mozilla

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

DevX has an article by Nigel McFarlane that draws parallels between the architecture of Microsoft Longhorn and the architecture of Mozilla. In addition to comparing XAML to XUL, McFarlane also notes the similarities between Avalon and Gecko as well as Indigo and Necko. Thanks to Ann O. and ummmmm for the news.

#13 Re: XAML UI from XUL using XSLT?

by james

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 11:53 PM

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You could probably write a transform that would convert a subset of XUL documents to XAML, and vice versa. Writing a transformation that could convert any document would probably be difficult/impossible.

Just because they are both expressed as XML, doesn't mean that they necessarily encode equivalent information. As another example, how hard do you think it would be to convert an XSchema to RELAX-NG using XSLT? They are both schemas for XML documents expressed in XML, after all ...