Comparing the Architectural Principles of Microsoft Longhorn and Mozilla

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

DevX has an article by Nigel McFarlane that draws parallels between the architecture of Microsoft Longhorn and the architecture of Mozilla. In addition to comparing XAML to XUL, McFarlane also notes the similarities between Avalon and Gecko as well as Indigo and Necko. Thanks to Ann O. and ummmmm for the news.

#12 XAML UI from XUL using XSLT?

by Epicurus

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 2:32 PM

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If XUL is a UI built using XML and so is XAML does anyone know of the possibilities of generating XSLT that would create a XAML UI out of a XUL UI? Or vice versa I suppose.

I would imagine the hardest part would be converting the javascript used by XUL into whatever XAML uses for programming logic.

The biggest benefit of this would then be native-like applications on both windows (using XAML) and other platforms (linux, mac, etc.) (using XUL) generated from a single source (the XUL UI).

Any thoughts?