Mark Shuttleworth Offering Bounties to Mozilla Developers

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

Mark Shuttleworth writes: "I'm offering some bounties to Mozilla developers that are looking for small projects to work on. All work to be given to the Mozilla Foundation. For details please see and follow up with Thomas Black at The Shuttleworth Foundation. Most of them are for work on Thunderbird/Firebird, but if the fixes also apply to the Suite then so much the better."

#5 bayesian spam filters

by nogwater

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 9:42 AM

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How about fixing the bayesian spam filters? Currently it marks un-recognized words with a 0.4 correspondance to being spam. This should be changed to 0.5 or maybe a little higher so that spammers can't get away by adding junk random letters to an email. asdlfj l aoij oixcwe siodj ijewpwe kjwo ewkl oucdojw oie rlkqj er ofu qi qeijer oiq wekjq ddiao qwkj odou.