Mark Shuttleworth Offering Bounties to Mozilla Developers

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

Mark Shuttleworth writes: "I'm offering some bounties to Mozilla developers that are looking for small projects to work on. All work to be given to the Mozilla Foundation. For details please see and follow up with Thomas Black at The Shuttleworth Foundation. Most of them are for work on Thunderbird/Firebird, but if the fixes also apply to the Suite then so much the better."

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by Racer

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 9:11 AM

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For those of you who don't like clicking links, here are the full bounty challenges for Mozilla (as of 2003-12-03):

* Thunderbird Message Filing Quick Access It takes too darn long for me to file a message. I use quite deep nesting on my IMAP folders because I have hundreds of mail folders. To file a message in the correct folder I have to click on the icon to file a message (or right click on the message) then click on a whole series of nested folders, for example: <>, Inbox, mail, people, m, megan elliot. That's seven clicks, all of which have to be accurate, to get the message filed. If a click goes astray, the message is filed in the wrong place. To make things worse, the mouse has to be moved carefully through that hierarchy of menus, or the whole thing collapses and one has to start all over again. It drives me nuts. I am looking for proposals for programmers who will (a) enable key-stroke based access to the existing functionality so that message filing can be done entirely without the mouse, and (b) extend the current system with a sort of "folder type-ahead find" so that I could hit a hot key and start typing the name of the folder I want, and have it produce a smart drop-down list of matching folders, allowing me quickly to select the correct one and file the message there, all without using a mouse. This should be done as a Thunderbird extension.

* Thunderbird Message Filing Intelligence As an optional extra to the Quick Filing described above, I would like to see Bayesian learning for message filing. For example, I generally have a folder for correspondence with a person or a company, or a project. When I press the filing hotkey described under Quick Access above, it would be great if Mozilla Thunderbird automatically pre-populated the dropdown listbox of folders with its best guess as to where I want that message filed. It could use the sender, the subject and the body, and learn from previous filing decisions. Bayesian filtering of junk mail has worked really well for me in Mozilla, so I would hope that after using it for a while, it would be making fairly good guesses as to where I want to file a given message.

* Browser Error Pages (Bugzilla Bug #28586): $500 bounty Error dialogs slow down the browsing process, especially when one is using tabbed browsing and opening up multiple links in background tabs to be read later. There has been some work on replacing the dialogs with error pages, but this work needs significant improvement before the default behaviour can be changed. Given that work has already taken place, I would like anyone who steps up to the plate on this bounty to consult with people already involved to figure out a fair way to divide the proceeds, please send details of that discussion to Thomas when you claim the bounty. It might be best to let Thomas know that you are working on it in advance.