Mark Shuttleworth Offering Bounties to Mozilla Developers

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003

Mark Shuttleworth writes: "I'm offering some bounties to Mozilla developers that are looking for small projects to work on. All work to be given to the Mozilla Foundation. For details please see and follow up with Thomas Black at The Shuttleworth Foundation. Most of them are for work on Thunderbird/Firebird, but if the fixes also apply to the Suite then so much the better."

#11 Re: this is great

by mlefevre

Thursday December 4th, 2003 3:54 AM

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The Mozilla folks seem to be happy for third parties to do it, but if Mozilla itself did it, it could cause problems. If you take a large group of people and specify some task in a not-very-detailed way and then say you'll pay money to whoever completes the task, you're going to get arguments.

The Mozilla folks decide what code goes into Mozilla and what code doesn't. If they are also deciding who gets paid for which bits of code, that makes it easy for conflicts of interest to arise, and arguments to happen, and Mozilla getting involved in arguments between volunteers about money could cause serious problems.

To make this kind of thing work, you would have to be very clear in specifying what was required and what kind of code was wanted, and have procedures for making decisions, appealing decisions, resolving disputes, etc etc. You'd probably need lawyers involved.

The folder filing stuff Mark has asked for as an extension, which should be ok as it can be self contained. The other stuff he's asked that anyone that's going to work on it should figure out how to divide the bounty in advance. Given that there are already several people involved, that's not going to be a trivial task, and someone at the Shuttleworth Foundation is going to be looking at it. Administrating most micro-bounties would probably cost more than paying a developer to do the work...