Composer Voted Third Best Web Development Tool in Readers' Choice Awards

Monday December 1st, 2003

irongut writes in with news that Mozilla Composer 1.5 came third in the Best Web Development Tool category of the CNET 2nd Annual Readers' Choice Awards: "Their commentary says: 'Mozilla's relatively high showing is a bit of a surprise because, frankly, I never considered it to be a development tool. Perhaps those members using Mozilla would like to share with us what they like about it as a Web development tool.' Obviously they've never heard of Venkman."

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by Down8 <>

Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 12:58 AM

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I understand what you're getting at, and assuming a good sampling, 8% would be amazing. But, we know FrontPage is shit, and my previous use of DreamWeaver got relegated to a site management tool, as I still hand coded most templates, and just let DreamWeaver keep track of everything (surely to the chagrin of my boss who had spent money on DW while I used Notepad most of the time). I don't know how common this practice may be.