Mozilla Firebird Gets New Download Manager

Saturday November 29th, 2003

The latest nightly builds of Mozilla Firebird feature a new download manager for saving files. The Downloads sidebar and progress windows have been replaced by a new combined Downloads window that lists all current and completed downloads. Cancelled and failed downloads also remain in this list, with a 'Retry' option to allow transfers to be attempted again. A 'Clean Up' button lets users keep the Downloads window tidy by removing all completed, cancelled and failed downloads. There are also new preferences for the automatic removal of downloads from the list.

To streamline tasks such as saving cached images, the Downloads windows does not appear for files that take less than two seconds to transfer. A confirmation dialogue is displayed if you try to exit Firebird with downloads still in progress, eliminating the frustration of accidentally stopping your downloads when you're done browsing. For Windows users, an alert similar to the new mail notification from the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird appears near the taskbar when all downloads have completed. See the download manager QA page and the forum topic about the new Downloads window for more information.

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by adipose

Monday December 1st, 2003 7:16 PM

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I'm willing to see your point, and say that there are some benefits for having the manager in its own spot (perhaps especially if you close Fb while downloading something). That said, its a benefit I don't need. GIMP's behavior of creating independent windows has annoyed people used to Photoshop's overlapped windows for years; Fb itself has reduced the number of windows with tabbed browsing--there's something to be said for an app not taking up more than one window in the tray (you can only fit 4-5 windows down there before you start losing information, unless you have a multi-line taskbar). One of the main things that attracted me to Fb was the single-window idea. So you can understand why I find it annoying that a previously contained and "toggleable" window now is a pop-up that must be "X"ed out or "ctrl-w"ed (excuse all the non-words).

As for "hide" and "done," I agree that "hide" is a better choice. And please, use ctrl-E as the hotkey for hide! I used to be able to ctrl-e, ctrl-e to quickly show and hide the manager; now I can't.

BTW, when the download manager was contained, you never had to hunt for the manager to "find where the hell it [was] hiding". It was always in the same place and could be hidden and brought to the front quickly, without covering any html (it did, however, squish html as the bookmarks do).