Mozilla Firebird Gets New Download Manager

Saturday November 29th, 2003

The latest nightly builds of Mozilla Firebird feature a new download manager for saving files. The Downloads sidebar and progress windows have been replaced by a new combined Downloads window that lists all current and completed downloads. Cancelled and failed downloads also remain in this list, with a 'Retry' option to allow transfers to be attempted again. A 'Clean Up' button lets users keep the Downloads window tidy by removing all completed, cancelled and failed downloads. There are also new preferences for the automatic removal of downloads from the list.

To streamline tasks such as saving cached images, the Downloads windows does not appear for files that take less than two seconds to transfer. A confirmation dialogue is displayed if you try to exit Firebird with downloads still in progress, eliminating the frustration of accidentally stopping your downloads when you're done browsing. For Windows users, an alert similar to the new mail notification from the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird appears near the taskbar when all downloads have completed. See the download manager QA page and the forum topic about the new Downloads window for more information.

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by WillyWonka

Monday December 1st, 2003 1:50 PM

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Let me clairify myself I don't nessessarly want the wiz bang features, but when I hear "managing downloads" I expect a little bit of management abilities. Interacting with what it's doing. What that brings to my mind is a queue. The type of thing I see in FTP clients (bulletProof, CuteFTP, FileZilla, etc). You may have files waiting to download, but not enough bandwidth to grab them all at once, so you arrange them in the order that you want to recieve them. I don't expect only a list of the files that I've previously downloaded with no interaction (I'm speaking of the seamonkey manager). Right now it's more of what I would consider a "download history" then a manager.

As for the back end work, I'm all for it. If you can make it easy for a javascripter to create a crash resume function that I can install that's great. I don't care if it's an extension or not. In fact I'm probably one of the people who would program the extension if it was easy to do by accessing the C++ back end (That was also documented).