Trade Union Website Promotes Mozilla Firebird

Friday November 28th, 2003

Eric Lee writes: "The international trade union news service LabourStart has begun promoting Mozilla Firebird as the best browser for trade unionists. LabourStart's website has more than 125,000 unique visitors per month, and the site's news is syndicated to nearly 520 other trade union websites. LabourStart is published in 11 languages and is maintained by a network of over 220 volunteer correspondents.

"Mozilla Firebird is being promoted both as a better alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and also to encourage the adoption of the Mycroft plug-in which allows searching of LabourStart's database. This is the first time that a major trade union website has suggested the use of Mozilla Firebird to its readers but LabourStart has often pioneered this kind of thing in the past, including a very successful promotion two years ago of a customized version of Opera. Next week, Mozilla Firebird will receive an additional boost when LabourStart's 16,200 email subscribers are invited to download the software."

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by Martyr

Tuesday December 16th, 2003 7:03 AM

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Do labor unions promote socialist utopianism? That is a risky claim at best. If M$ pays good wages (which I hear that they do), they do support the goals of the working man -- to get rich. Quality will win the day, gents. M$ products are inferior because they are annoying, buggy, not standards compliant, not because they are produced by a company interested in making money.