New MozillaZine Channel at

Tuesday March 16th, 1999

Same as the old channel, but utilizing their new content format. If you use My Netscape, and currently have the mozillaZine channel on your page, we suggest adding this new channel, and deleting the old one. The old channel utilized a different format for grabbing data, which is being phased out in favor of an RDF format. Click on "Add Channel" on the navbar at right to go to the Add Channel page where you can preview the channel and add it to your My Netscape page.

#8 Re:New MozillaZine Channel at

by Kovu <>

Thursday March 18th, 1999 10:45 PM

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NS is just trying to portalize like AOL, bringing everything together. I personally dig NSs colors, etc., as well as their very non-AOL belief in freedom of speech. I don't mind the thingy at the top, though I did notice it seemed to make my pages reload more than necessary, and on a huge page with 36 responses this was very annoying. They'll work it out. I hope there's no ads up there.