Extending Mozilla Tutorial

Tuesday March 16th, 1999

Heikki Toivonen has posted a tutorial on on how to extend Mozilla.

Heikki writes: "Johnny Stenbäck and I presented a tutorial called 'Extending Mozilla or How To Do The Impossible' at the XTech'99 in San Jose, California (March 7).

This tutorial is now online here.

We are correcting and updating the handout, which should appear there shortly. The sample code is downloadable already.

We plan to keep this tutorial up to date so that when the APIs change we will change our samples as well. This should be the definitive place to find out how to write XPCOM modules and plugins and especially how to embed and extend Mozilla in various ways.

All comments are welcome. We would be really interested to know if there are any errors in this material.

We hope you will find this material useful."