Publish Your Own Channel on Netcenter

Monday March 15th, 1999

That's right. Now anyone can publish their own channel on My Netscape. You may have seen mozillaZine's channel (linked to on the navbar at right). They've finalized the spec behind the channels, and opened it up to the public. We'll have a link to the "new and improved" mozillaZine channel soon - we'll let you know. I'd suggest holding off until we get the new URL up - the old channel will be going offline soon. To read more about putting your own site's channel on My Netscape, head on over to My Netscape's publishing area.

In the meantime, if you want to get have our headlines appear on your own page, just grab and parse All we ask is that if you put this information on a site that's open for public viewing, please indicate that the information came from mozillaZine. Also, if you do an automatic grab of the file, please try to limit it to once every hour, at most.

Joel Caris wrote in with a link to news about this new feature: "This article says that, finally, Netscape has it officially set up for channels from other web sites to be added to My Netscape, such as has been done with MozillaZine. I always thought this was the greatest strength of My Netscape, and believe it to be a very smart move that they are making it official and expanding the process."

#1 Re:Publish Your Own Channel on Netcenter

by henrik

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 2:38 AM


#2 The beginning of an era.

by Mark Beeson

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 8:59 AM

Netscape is just hitting the tip of the iceberg with this functionality. It's great to see that the future of the Internet is being implemented even today.

I'm the one with the Sister Machine Gun channel, and I have to say, it was very easy to set up and write the correct RDF for the channel. I think that as more and more sites start using databased content, it'll be easier to distribute content in manners like this.

Personally, I don't mind that Netscape could conceivably get revenues from my content, because in the end I'll be getting more visitors -- which, as a smallish site, is very important to me.

Again, thanks Netscape, you've really implemented a great idea with this functionality.

#3 a Short era unless we get some quick innovation

by Dave

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 9:15 AM

I agree with mark, this a the beginning of a new era in content propagation. However, if they don't find a better way to manage all these channels, it will come and go quicker then "push". I really don't want _ALL_ my online content on one page, but having lots of publishers is great.

#4 Re:Publish Your Own Channel on Netcenter

by mozineAdmin

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 2:16 PM

Here's where you can go to see what channels are available:

It's an area of the Open Directory project (very similar to Yahoo!) which was bought by Netscape.

#5 Re:Publish Your Own Channel on Netcenter

by Brian Vincent

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 5:05 PM


I followed their instructions exactly and it's not working.

I now have a perl script parsing a news file and creating an RSS file.

When I try to register it I get an error, but it doesn't give me an error number.

My file looks almost exactly like the example given in the Quick Start.

If anyone can help me, the URL is:

#6 Re:Publish Your Own Channel on Netcenter

by mozineAdmin

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 6:45 PM


I've been getting something similar. I'd get in touch with their tech support:

I believe it has something to do with timing-out before retrieving your file. (Which seems plausible, since I can't get through to your RSS page, either.)