Full Article Attached Open XUL Alliance Launches Wiki Wiki

Thursday November 20th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance now has a Wiki. The Open XUL Alliance is a site about XUL and related XML-based declarative user interface languages. A Wiki (sometimes called a Wiki Wiki) is a collection of pages that can be freely contributed to and edited by anybody. Read the full article for more details.

#50 Re: XUL == XML UI Language

by jonasj

Sunday November 23rd, 2003 9:15 AM

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> XUL stands for XML UI Language and to claim its a Mozilla-only thingy is just ridiculous.

Doesn't that argument apply equally well to XAML? Many other languages (even XUL) fits the definition "XML Application Markup Language", so by your logic, how can Microsoft claim ownership of the name "XAML"?