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Thursday November 20th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance now has a Wiki. The Open XUL Alliance is a site about XUL and related XML-based declarative user interface languages. A Wiki (sometimes called a Wiki Wiki) is a collection of pages that can be freely contributed to and edited by anybody. Read the full article for more details.

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by adipose

Saturday November 22nd, 2003 8:33 PM

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Some acronyms are generic, others aren't. That's not the same as saying anything that *could* describe an entity is *necessarily* generic, which seems to be what you're arguing.

As for XUL, I don't know the history, and I don't know whether mozilla really deserves the TM on that. You'll have to investigate. But you are wrong to suggest that it *cannot* be TMed. It can.