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Thursday November 20th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance now has a Wiki. The Open XUL Alliance is a site about XUL and related XML-based declarative user interface languages. A Wiki (sometimes called a Wiki Wiki) is a collection of pages that can be freely contributed to and edited by anybody. Read the full article for more details.

#26 XUL == XML UI Language

by geraldb

Saturday November 22nd, 2003 6:49 AM

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> There is no other XUL because no one else (excepting your audacious site - no other site that I > know of has grouped all the XML-based interface languages under the name of Mozilla's XML > interface language) refers to their XML-based interface language as XUL.

Again, please grow up. XUL stands for XML UI Language and to claim its a Mozilla-only thingy is just ridiculous. Why not rename it to say Mozilla UI Language (MUL)? Or why not use a real brand name such as Zool?

Anyway, here are some quotes from the web:

mozKit (<>): "How well does XUL and Java play together? If you are experimenting with the two maybe Carlsbad Cubes' Theodore Editor will provide you with the vision to turn your experiments into reality. Thinlets offer a nice alternative for creating tools that will run on various OS platforms with a minimum of pain."

Paul Golding, listed in the Who's Who of Britain's Young Business Elite: "Just played around with XUL via the fabulous Thinlet authoring tool Theodore. Playing around with the Theodore tool is a great way to learn, or at least appreciate, the power and potential benefits of XUL."