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Thursday November 20th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance now has a Wiki. The Open XUL Alliance is a site about XUL and related XML-based declarative user interface languages. A Wiki (sometimes called a Wiki Wiki) is a collection of pages that can be freely contributed to and edited by anybody. Read the full article for more details.

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by bzbarsky

Friday November 21st, 2003 11:33 PM

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> And aren't there other XUL motors (listed right on the Open XUL Alliance site) besides > Mozilla that you can use to display XUL GUI's?

The whole point is that they DO NOT LET YOU DISPLAY XUL GUIs. They let you display GUIs described in interface languages that happen to have an XML syntax, but are not XUL (which is a _specific_ XML-based interface design language).

Note that the page you cite lists XWT as a "XUL motor". It's not.