Introduction to Mozilla Manual Available in Draft Form

Wednesday November 19th, 2003

Kevin Quiggle writes: "A new Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users is now available in draft form. This document provides an introduction to the most useful features and capabilities of Mozilla (1.5) for people who have never used it before. The author is currently seeking review and comment with a goal of completing the document by year-end."

#16 Re: Forcing Mozilla

by eiseli

Thursday November 20th, 2003 2:04 PM

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If only every browser supported the standards as well as Mozilla... Then we could do that. This class is about XHTML and CSS2 and IE cannot compete with Mozilla on this level. So if half of the class would be using IE and the other one Mozilla, we would always have to deal with "oh, and here we have to make an exception to what you learnt yesterday, since IE is broken here..." Not imaginable, especially with young students who need to have some clear rules.

And then, give me another browser than Mozilla which has a DOM-Inspector (in order to check the computed style, the style rules and where they come from etc...). Not to mention the editor which I use in the first lesson in order to familiarize beginners with HTML.