NTLM Authentication Supported by Mozilla on All Platforms

Tuesday November 18th, 2003

Microsoft's NTLM authentication protocol, popular on Windows-based corporate networks, is now supported by Mozilla on all platforms. Previously, NTLM authentication was only available to Windows Mozilla users, requiring the presence of the Windows SSPI API. Now, the SSPI code has been discarded and a cross-platform implementation has been checked in. Bug 224653 has more details, including a list of caveats.

#5 Re: Re: But does FTP *UPLOAD* have a GUI yet?

by Ark42

Wednesday November 19th, 2003 11:09 AM

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Thats the whole point, I don't want a dedicated program. Lots of us only occasionally need to upload a file, but have a browser open all the time. Its so much easier and more convenient to just drag a file and drop it onto the browser after clicking on a ftp bookmark then it is to fire up some other program. Currently I make-do with Send-To FTP <> I found at <> so I can just right-click a file and pick Send-To FTP from the Send-To menu, but its really not that great, and I can't delete files unless I am ssh'd in to the place where the files are going. I don't think people realize what an important feature this is. A trivial ftp client that can upload, download, and maybe even delete files is a very big deal to many users.