NTLM Authentication Supported by Mozilla on All Platforms

Tuesday November 18th, 2003

Microsoft's NTLM authentication protocol, popular on Windows-based corporate networks, is now supported by Mozilla on all platforms. Previously, NTLM authentication was only available to Windows Mozilla users, requiring the presence of the Windows SSPI API. Now, the SSPI code has been discarded and a cross-platform implementation has been checked in. Bug 224653 has more details, including a list of caveats.

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by Malc

Wednesday November 19th, 2003 10:23 PM

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Why shouldn't FTP be part of the browsing experience? Content is presented online in several forms, including FTP. The current implementation leaves a lot to be desired... the interface is shit with filenames truncated and poor performance. The XUL implementation that I saw a long time ago worked better. It's just another way to present online content. HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, Gopher... all ways of dealing with content. Let's not make using the internet harder than we have to by putting up unnecessary barriers.