Mozilla Article on ZDNet

Saturday March 13th, 1999

Here's some news from Saturday. My excuse? Moving to a new apartment. There are some other things to put up today. and I hope I can find some time to get to them.

From Joel Caris comes news of a Gecko article on ZDNet:

"A pretty good ZDNet article on Gecko and Communicator 5.0. The most interesting information is that a beta is supposed to be out in July with a final, commercial release at the end of the year. I hate to have to wait, but it's worth it for the quality."

#8 Re:Mozilla Article on ZDNet

by V.H.

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 6:01 AM

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So, S.T., what is your response to the fact that Mozilla developers actually hit their milestones, and thus actually so far is ON SCHEDULE for a beta in July and full version by the end of the year?

What are your estimates based on? If your estimates should turn out true, it would mean that milestones will have to start slipping BADLY from now on. Do you have any indication of that happening? I don't, and I'm watching it closely because we depend on Mozilla for a commercial project.