Mozilla Article on ZDNet

Saturday March 13th, 1999

Here's some news from Saturday. My excuse? Moving to a new apartment. There are some other things to put up today. and I hope I can find some time to get to them.

From Joel Caris comes news of a Gecko article on ZDNet:

"A pretty good ZDNet article on Gecko and Communicator 5.0. The most interesting information is that a beta is supposed to be out in July with a final, commercial release at the end of the year. I hate to have to wait, but it's worth it for the quality."

#10 Re:Mozilla Article on ZDNet

by Brent <>

Tuesday March 16th, 1999 11:53 AM

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Is it just me, but wasn't ZDNet the authors of that extremely biased MSIE article a few weeks ago? My guess is this is written to regain loyalty from the NS crowd.