Sun Java Desktop System with Mozilla Set to Become Standard in China

Tuesday November 18th, 2003

On Monday, Sun Microsystems announced a deal with the China Standard Software Company (CSSC) that will see the Java Desktop System installed on millions of computers in the People's Republic of China. Mozilla is one of the core components of Sun's Linux-based desktop environment, which also features StarOffice 7. The agreement allows the CSSC, a consortium backed by the Chinese government, to use the Java Desktop System as the basis for its own branded desktop products. Subject to export approval from US authorities, the deployment will begin at the end of this year, with at least 200 million installations planned throughout the country. Thanks to Bart for the news.

#1 export approval

by napolj2

Wednesday November 19th, 2003 3:32 PM

From the article: "The deal must first clear export approval from the U.S. government, however." "Another attraction of relying on Linux as a desktop standard, he said, is that it doesn't drop large sums of money into U.S.-based companies' coffers, something China wants to avoid to retain its positive trade balance."

The export approval part may open a window for MS to try to lobby to stop this deal from going through. I bet they'll try to argue that this deal will worsen the trade deficit the US has with China, will "decrease software competition", and will cost US jobs.