Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

Friday March 12th, 1999

The DoJ has given a thumbs-up to the AOL/Netscape/Sun acquisition/merger/strategic alliance. You can read about it at and at Infoworld.

#9 Re:Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

by C.R.

Sunday March 14th, 1999 12:43 AM

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Hmm, interesting position ("we need AOL") So you'd think that AOL will support Netscape's failures only because it is a part of it? Seriously?! AOL is a company. A company looking for money. What will happen when the end of '99 comes, IE is everywhere and Netscape fails to deliver? Heck, they will just terminate the project. It's the logical business decision.

We need AOL?! Hahaha!!! I think Churchill said "We need Stalin to defeat Hitler" :))) The rest is history...

Come on, guys, wake up! A bit of realism in here, please. Let's stop speculations. The truth is AOL will *NOT* distribute Netscape Comm as the AOL web client. Steve Case said it: they need that AOL icon on the Windows desktop. And that will stand even when Communicator 5.0 will be available!!!

Currently, IE 4x is definitely a supperior product to Comm 4x. People like stil use Netscape because they are biased against MS, not because of better quality. What will happen when that gap will increase (IE5x vs. the same old Comm 4x? Netscape's market will decrease dramatically.

Normally, that would still be ok. Because a good product can regain market. But take a look at Raptor. It has a completely nonrealistic approach (just check the RDF usage!!! :)))). In an independent company that would work. Not in AOL. AOL wants results. They will either terminate the project or require a premature release. And that would be the end: another inferior product.

And no, external developers will not continue the Mozilla project. Mozilla is Netscape's child. Its development is really far from open.

I'm really bitter about Netscape: I belived in them and I hated when they sold to AOL. However, my last hope is that I'm completely wrong and you guys are right. Of course, I'm too cinical to actually belive that...