Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

Friday March 12th, 1999

The DoJ has given a thumbs-up to the AOL/Netscape/Sun acquisition/merger/strategic alliance. You can read about it at and at Infoworld.

#26 Re:Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

by S.T.

Monday March 15th, 1999 6:14 PM

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Holly Molly, you must be joking! I cannot belive that you are serious. Are you people living in a paralel universe?

"AOL is not using NS right now because IE has a componentized browser and NS does not." ??????

Read my lips: AOL link on Windows desktop. THAT is the reason. And that will be the reason. AOL will keep bundling IE as long as it gots that HUGE advantage from Microsoft. No, AOL is NOT going to use Gecko for the browser, unless that deal ends.

"If you honestly think Windows is going to keep its dominance in the industry for much beyond this year you are sorely wrong--the new Amigas come out this year and Windows next consumer version is an embarassing two years off at least."

Amigas?!?!?!?!? No, really, Amigas?!?!?!?!? Can you hear me laughing? Is that you next OS?!?!?!? Jesus, do you know anything about OSs?! I run Linux, I love Linux, and I still do not belive it will replace Windows. But Amigas?!?!?!?!

"Sun just gave $30,000 to help finance Mozilla?"

I'm still laughing! Do you have any idea how much a software project costs? with 30k you can't even *start* to look for a programmer. What can I say, GREAT help!

"I'll bet Billy's been doing a lot of screaming in Redmond lately."

Yeah, I'm screaming too. And laughing my a** off!

"I mean, Mozilla is working on making their browser small enough to fit on a floppy. Or small enough to fit on a PalmPilot. I know IE's 40 megs wont fit on a hand-held computer, but Mozilla will."

Dream on, my friend, dream on. Just try to download a daily build from And running on portable devices? You should read the source&newsgroups from time to time: the technologies currently used in Gecko make that IMPOSSIBLE.

And the list could go on. Guys, get a clue... I'd bet none of you is a programmer, or you will know more about these issues.