Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

Friday March 12th, 1999

The DoJ has given a thumbs-up to the AOL/Netscape/Sun acquisition/merger/strategic alliance. You can read about it at and at Infoworld.

#21 Re:Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

by Adhitya Chittur <>

Monday March 15th, 1999 6:31 AM

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Aren't we all forgetting one detail? The fact is that AOL has decided to collaborate with Sun on a "new" browser (HotJava 2.0?). Then AOL would have rights to 2 browsers, sort of a conflict of interest. Maybe Sun and AOL should add to the Mozilla effort, maybe some sort of collaboration. They could probably really help out with the Mozilla JIT, or even possibly speed ElectricalFire development enough to have it in Mozilla itself (is that too hopeful?). It would be in Sun's interest to help with development of Mozilla, as if they don't, IE will be ahead of Netscape moreso with regard to market share once 5.0 is released (nerds and geeks make up a large market share, and they/us download the latest stuff all the time). And if IE gets that far ahead, they will probably face more and more legal woes with regard to the Pure Java vs. J++, like actually getting Pure Java engines to replace J++. And bad news - I am part of the AOL beta program, and right now they have IE5 in beta. So IE5 will increase with market share via AOL's force feed method with CD installs. AOL and Sun had better rethink their HotJava strategy and should breathe some more life into Mozilla. Maybe even route some developers to Netscape's offices. More hoepful thinking...