Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

Friday March 12th, 1999

The DoJ has given a thumbs-up to the AOL/Netscape/Sun acquisition/merger/strategic alliance. You can read about it at and at Infoworld.

#14 Re:Government Approval for AOL/Netscape/Sun Deal

by Derick Phillips <>

Sunday March 14th, 1999 1:38 PM

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Ditto, basic!

Taking a quick peak at the Mozilla website and/or newsgroups is enough to convice anyone that the project is moving at anything but a slow pace. So I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about.

Remember everyone: the purpose of the Mozilla project isn't to beat Microsoft's release date. The purpose is to create a superior browser. Isn't it better to make sure everything is working and in order rather than rush along and release buggy products? I always thought so...