Full Article Attached Jan Varga's Root Interview in English

Monday November 17th, 2003

Earlier this month, Mozilla and ex-Netscape developer Jan Varga was interviewed in Czech/Slovak by the Czech Linux and open source site Root. Now, with the kind permission of Root and Jan, MozillaZine is pleased to present a full English translation of this interview.

Thanks to everybody who worked hard to make this translation possible, including Pavel Franc, Adam Hauner, Jan and Root.

#7 Re: RE: RE: deCOMtamination

by mlefevre

Tuesday November 18th, 2003 6:36 AM

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Yes, what you've said sounds about right. I'm no expert - I'm not even a programmer (aside from a little VBA and Perl, and a few university courses).

MS COM, XPCOM, CORBA etc aren't all equivalent, but basically they're all concerned with objects talking to each other. The IBM articles <…ces/library/co-xpcom.html> seems to give a good outline of what the differences are.