Mozilla T-Shirt Available for Preorder at Mozilla Store

Saturday November 15th, 2003

The Mozilla Store is now taking preorders for the new Mozilla T-Shirt. This 100% cotton white shirt features the red Mozilla tyrannosaurus rex head on the front and left sleeve, with black '' text on the back. Available in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large sizes, costing from US$12.95 to US$15.95, the product will ship in the first week of December.

#7 Re: very superficial

by galio

Saturday November 15th, 2003 9:29 PM

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I think the same... All the marketing efforts seem to be U.S.-oriented only... I know that it is difficult to establish an international website and international services when the end-user oriented website has just launched and most users are American or at least speak English, the marketing proyects has started a few months ago, and that (thanks God!) isn't a huge and evil company like M$, but perhaps focusing a little more in other languages that English would be better. Not only with the shop, which is supposed to be international but if you order the Moz T-Shirt from another country than the U.S., it adds $60 of shipping and handling to the $15 it costs there (That isn't too much "international" :-P), but for example the main website, that is only in English...