Mozilla T-Shirt Available for Preorder at Mozilla Store

Saturday November 15th, 2003

The Mozilla Store is now taking preorders for the new Mozilla T-Shirt. This 100% cotton white shirt features the red Mozilla tyrannosaurus rex head on the front and left sleeve, with black '' text on the back. Available in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large sizes, costing from US$12.95 to US$15.95, the product will ship in the first week of December.

#15 Mozilla DiVinci

by volkris

Sunday November 16th, 2003 7:25 PM

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Does anyone remember the old Netscape shirt featuring the lizzard in the post of DaVinci's vitruvian man? You know, the one with the naked man holding his arms and legs spread in a circle (a rather harsh discription)?

This was my favorite shirt of all time, and if were to reprint them I would almost certainly buy one.