French Electronics Retailer Darty Recommends Mozilla

Friday November 14th, 2003

Daniel Glazman writes: "Darty, the most famous store name in France for home/kitchen stuff, computers, audio, video, photo and other electronics, recommends Mozilla and even allows you to download it from their web site. The review (available at is very well written and very positive. Two thumbs up!" A automated English translation of Darty's Mozilla review is available.

#1 Not darty alone but wanadoo :)

by filip

Saturday November 15th, 2003 6:20 AM

I think darty have brought a service. You can find the same page at wanadoo (one of the main french isp, a France Telecom brand) :

The same at voila (french search portal by france telecom too).

(it's proposed here for linux too but 1.3.1 version).

They say that the service is with but I haven't found mozilla on it. I think this last one is only for the commercial software (the one you have to pay for it)